Achieving the perfect custom made, hand-thrown dinnerware set for your establishment begins when you share your vision with me. More than just picking colors and choosing sizes, I want to know the emotions you wish to evoke from your food and your restaurant’s ambiance.

Some of my customers know exactly what they want to see, and I simply transcribe their wishes into my work. I can also work directly with the chef to design a set or work from your branding book that details your restaurant’s style. I’m also happy to design something completely unique for your vision. The collaboration is where the real excitement is, and I look forward to bringing your vision to life.

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Custom Dinnerware Design Process

Every chef knows that presentation is almost as important as taste when providing guests with a unique dining experience. Elevate your menu to an art form with custom-designed dinnerware that creates visual interest, matches your restaurant’s ambiance, and sets the right mood.

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Each custom handmade dishware set is an intersection between function, your vision, and my creativity and artistry. The collaborative relationship is meant to invent the perfect dishware design, compliment your fine cuisine, and enhance your guests’ experience.

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Because you should never have to accept work that does not meet your expectations, we encourage a collaborative process to achieve your vision. Once a design has been approved, a sample dishware set will be hand-crafted for your evaluation.

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Professional quality, reliability, and achieving your full satisfaction sets us apart from other custom ceramic artists. Your dishware will arrive on-time and in ideal condition, or acceptance is not expected. That’s our promise to you.

Customer Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of creating artisan ceramic dinnerware for a variety of customers, from fine dining establishments to retail shops to custom commissions. My goal is always complete satisfaction for every project.

Melissa understands what we are looking for from an artistic perspective. The pallets she provides us are a crucial part of the aesthetic we try to put out there that mimics the craftsmanship and dedication we put into our food.

Executive Chef Joe Frillman, Daisies Restaurant and Market, Chicago

Custom Dinnerware Collection

I have been honored to have my dishware featured as art pieces in many restaurants. Along with complementing a restaurant’s menu directly, my pieces also provide a visual experience to enhance a culinary encounter. Here are a few restaurants where you’ll find my work:

artisanal ceramics hand crafted in mokena illinois

Wholesale Custom Dinnerware for Restaurants and Chefs

The collaboration between chef and ceramicist is a unique one as the artistry of one is dedicated to showcasing the talents of the other. From choosing complementary shapes and colors to harmonize with the menu to experimenting with unique dimensions to elevate a dish, custom restaurant dinnerware serves to enhance the entire dining experience.

Each handmade dinnerware set is created in my studio in Mokena, located in a renovated horse barn on the back of my property. On my way to the studio each morning, I tend to my garden, bring my chickens from their safe roost, and check the trees in my orchard. I enjoy this reminder of my dedication to fresh, quality food, cooking, and the presentation of a meal.

Along with one-of-a-kind designs for the hospitality industry, I am also available for commissioned works such as weddings, showers, and new home decor that is made to order.

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custom restaurant dinnerware
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