Wallflowers and Decorative Ceramics

hand-crafted ceramic wallflowers

Each hand-crafted piece is a unique work of art ready to become part of your decor. Individual items can be designed to match your home or restaurant, or you can select from pieces I’ve already created. Choose from my signature wallflowers, moody vases, and stylish accessories with unique designs made just for you.

Handmade Dishware

design handmade ceramic dinnerwear for restaurant

The beauty of handmade ceramic dinnerware does not have to be limited to chefs and restaurateurs. Home cooks, entertainers, and anyone else who appreciates a thoughtful presentation for their food is welcome to shop my collection of ready to ship pieces or collaborate on a custom project with me.

Custom Dinnerwear for Chefs

wholesale custom dinnerware sets designed for chefs

Custom dinnerware sets are one way to combine the palate of the chef with the artistry of the presentation to stand apart from the crowd. I want to know what your vision is, how you want to connect with your diners, and collaborate on a project to elevate your menu to an art form.

Hand-Crafted Ceramic Wallflowers

My ceramic wallflowers are unique, decorative pieces that are a visual representation of the journey I have made as a ceramicist. While selling my dishware at the Chicago Botanic Gardens Farmer’s Market, I was fascinated by the beautiful flowers and large, unusual pumpkins with all their unique shapes and colors. Inspired by nature, I began to experiment with how to merge these two beautiful shapes together. I made a plaster cast of the pumpkins and pressed rolled out slabs of clay into the pumpkin forms. The natural structure of the pumpkin shape was the perfect base for my flowers.

What began as simple, one-layer pumpkins grew over the years into more complicated pieces with layered petals and designs. I like to innovate my forms every year, and I don’t try to make my flowers into exact replicas of real flowers. Instead, I create inspired, flower-like forms that range from 4 inches to as large as 24 inches wide. These have become one of my favorite projects, and a favorite of my customers, too. Some even enjoy adding one to their collections every year.

hand-crafted ceramic wallflowers
custom restaurant dinnerware

Custom Dinnerware for Hospitality

Handmade dinnerware sets will elevate the dining experience and bring richness to the presentation of any dish. Whether you’re a chef, restaurateur, entertainer, or simply someone who enjoys beautiful dinnerware, my work is for you.

I am always working on creative handmade dinnerware pieces that are available to purchase and ready to ship. Choose from a variety of shapes and colors to suit your needs. Or, we can work together to create a custom collection that’s just for you. Professional quality and reliability is my promise to you with every piece you purchase.

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Custom Ceramic Dinnerware and Pottery Portfolio

I have been honored to have my pottery and dishware featured by many restaurants and retail shops. I love that my pieces can provide a visual experience to enhance a culinary encounter. You can also find my pieces available for purchase in regional retail boutiques. Here are a few places where you’ll find my work:

Enhance Your Visual Experience

Creating handmade ceramic pieces is my passion, and finding the right pieces for your collection is my pleasure. I enjoy creating beautiful artwork and decorative elements and delight in bringing beauty to prepared meals. Whether you want to choose from pieces I’ve already created or begin a collaboration based on your vision, I look forward to hearing from you.

custom dinnerware
handmade dinnerware
custom restaurant dinnerware
handmade dinnerware set