About My Customers

Chefs and restaurateurs know that pairing the right dishware with your cuisine makes all the difference in presentation and defines the personality of your establishment. Handmade ceramic dinnerware designed to complement your menu will provide guests a compelling visual experience and evoke emotions meant to harmonize with the food. Building a relationship with creative chefs who are inventive with not only the shapes and colors, but also the dimensions of their dishes is always an exciting challenge as we combine our creativity and artistry with a focus on elevating the dining experience.

The same energy and focus is brought to my retail customers and special event commissions such as weddings and other events. Whether you know exactly what you want from your custom dinnerware or prefer a collaborative design, I stand behind my work and insist that every customer is completely satisfied.

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Customer Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of creating artisan ceramic dinnerware for a variety of customers, from fine dining establishments to retail shops to custom commissions. My goal is always complete satisfaction for every project.

Melissa understands what we are looking for from an artistic perspective. The pallets she provides us are a crucial part of the aesthetic we try to put out there that mimics the craftsmanship and dedication we put into our food.

Executive Chef Joe Frillman, Daisies Restaurant and Market, Chicago

My Pottery Studio

My studio is a 3,000 square foot renovated horse barn located on the back of my 1.5-acre property in Mokena. Every morning as I walk to my studio, I pass my garden where I tend to a few dozen types of tomatoes, squash, beans, lettuce, and herbs. When I arrive, I move the portable chicken coop from the safety of the barn and out near the orchard and into the fresh air. I enjoy starting my day this way as it is a delightful reminder of the attention to detail and genuine care that goes into all of my projects–and the food my clients prepare every day.

Inside the studio, you’ll find two electric kilns and one gas, along with the electric wheel where I throw my pottery. The gas kiln adds depth and variation to my glazes, which I research and create myself. Every piece starts as a dark brown and toasty brown, mid-range, high-fire stoneware clay body. My pottery is designed to be durable for everyday commercial use. It is all food safe and dishwasher safe so it can stand up to the demands of a busy kitchen.

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melissa monroe pottery

About the Artist

The appeal of working in clay is that I can mold it, fire it, and turn it into something that is permanent. What began 13 years ago as classes for children and pottery shows as a touring artist has evolved as I found the intersection of my art, passion, and skill. Over the last six years, my focus has been growing a client base of restaurateurs, chefs, and retail shops where I can bring my creativity and abilities to create handmade ceramic dinnerware designed to showcase the talents of my clients.

Along with creating custom dinnerware for hospitality, I enjoy expressing my personality through unique decor pieces and accessories. I love creating vases of women with full and wild hair—hair that shows the thoughts and interior spirit of the women in each sculpture. You’ll also find my studio adorned with ceramic wall flowers and other accessories that are useful, decorative, fun, or all of them together.

Begin the Conversation

While every custom dinnerware set that I create is made by hand, each project begins with a meeting of the minds and hearts. I want to hear your story—your vision—so I can bring it to life. My plates may be designed for chefs, but they are destined for your guests, so tell me who they are and what you want them to feel. Together we will create something beautiful.  Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life.

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