Handmade Signature Wallflowers

My wallflowers are a project that is close to my heart and tells the story of my journey as a potter and ceramicist. They are also beautiful, decorative pieces that are ready to become part of your collection.

Handmade Artisan Pottery

Handmade Home Decor

custom artisan pottery and ceramics

Custom Artisan Pottery and Ceramics

Each artisan pottery and ceramics piece is handmade by me in my own studio. Sometimes, I’m expressing my creativity, and those unique items are available for purchase and ready to ship. When you need a custom piece to match your location’s decor or to suit your creativity, we can collaborate on a project together.

My hand-crafted artisan decor pieces are all unique art ready to be displayed in your home, restaurant, or workplace. Moody vases make stunning statement pieces on their own or filled with your favorite florals. Stylish accessories can go anywhere: hang them on the wall in groups, set them on a tabletop, or create a gallery wall.