When I started working in clay in college it was impossible to predict the places it would take me. It has been fun journey of farm dinners where I provide dishes, the art show circuit in Chicago, and gallery shows. As I have grown in my work I find my creativity divided into two camps the functional and the sculptural. My functional work has become focused on working directly with customers creating custom plate ware for their homes and businesses.  I love to sit down to a day of throwing and trimming all of these commissions and getting the satisfaction of the matching sets of bowls and plates. My second part of my art is the creative sculptural side making wild abstracted flowers and sculptural vases, bottles and jars. These are the objects of imagination and whimsy. I hope that booth of my camps of artwork provide a connection with each person either in daily use or visual connection.  

Please feel free to contact me for color choices. All custom orders take two weeks to complete. I am often showing my art around Chicago, IL.  If you would like to see more find me at one of my shows. If you want to see so much pottery you will be overwhelmed, email me and schedule a studio visit.